2015 Split Pension Calculation Error in software

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I have just received a reassessment for my 2015 taxes from Revenue Canada stating that I am due a refund.


The error is in the form T1032 - Step 5 - Line 1 for the Transferee.


The program did not transfer "Total tax deducted from all your slips" amount to line 1.


This resulted in a lower amount transferred to Line 437.


If you have not received a reassessment due to this error check your 2015 return and if affected file a T1 adjustment form.

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It only affects the 2015 program.


I have contacted and received instructions on how to send the file for their examination.


I followed their instructions 3 times and each time I receive the same instructions in reply.


To date I have no idea if it was received or not or if they even care.


Thankfully the error was caught by Canada Revenue and they issued a payment for the credit.


I just wish that the 2015 program was fixed so that my records match Revenue Canada's.

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