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How to enter HST collected? Minus HST paid?

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I'm confused.


What numbers do I enter and WHERE under the T2125 income & expenses tab?


Normally I invoice and don't collect HST because of my earnings total (under 30k).


Then once I had to pay for product (ie. $1000 + HST), and invoice it to my client with a mark-up (ie. $1200 + HST).


I'm unclear on where these numbers get reported. Is $1200 part of my income? Even though it was really product? With HST it's $1356... where do I input this information? Do I report $200 as part of my income?


I paid $130 in HST on this transaction - where do I get to back that out? And the client paid $156 in HST... where does that number go?


Quick Method HST collected.... what number am I putting here assuming this was the only transaction I had an HST line item on my invoice?


I have no idea what numbers get inputted where on my tax return as this was the first year I had invoiced with HST.




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