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Entering Rl-15 form

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I am trying to enter partnership income from multiple provinces (including Quebec). I have been issued T5013 and RL-15 slips.


I have created a new entry for the T5013. But how do I enter the data from the RL-15 slip?


Ufile has created a T5013 access form, but I also need a RL-15

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I played around with it a bit.


If I set my province of residence to Quebec, I can create a new T5013 / RL-15 form in which I can enter the RL-15 data.


But, if I change my province of residence back to Ontario, this form reverts to the plain T5013.


So: How can I have my province of residence as Ontario, and gain access to the joint T5013 / RL-15 form?

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