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Can't Netfile. Error message for T5013 Box 210 contradicts paper instructions

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Hi, I cannot Netfile my return because I get the following error when I "Review" it:

"You only entered the portion of carrying charges relating to box 210 of the T5013 slip. You must also enter the total amount of carrying charges."


The background: I entered all data from four T5013 slips, only three of which have numbers in Box 210. The error message doesn't identify which slip or slips are the cause of the error but I'll assume all three since the bigger problem is: I can't make any sense of the error message or what to do about it.


The paper instructions that came with the T5013 slips say Box 210 -is- the:

"Total carrying charges (multi-jurisdictional) - This is your share of the carrying charges for earning all investment income. Enter it on line 221 of Schedule 4."

So, Box 210 is supposed to be my share of the total carrying charges but (I think) UFile's error message is saying there is some other "total amount" but it doesn't say where I would find it or where I would enter it, which is pretty poor GUI design. I find this especially confusing because I've entered every number from the forms (including zeros for some boxes).


The bottom line is why doesn't UFile accept a box 210 number as the total amount of the carrying charges when the paper instructions say that it is the total? And where am I supposed to find the numbers that UFile wants and where would I enter them? They can't go in Box 210 because Box 210 is already filled for each form. Arghhhh....


If it matters, of the three T5013 forms with Box 210 data, one has non-zero numbers in boxes 113, 128, 135, 146 and 210; another has non-zero numbers in boxes 113, 128, and 210; and the third has non-zeros in boxes 030, 113, 128, 2 x 135, 146, 151, and 210.


Thanks for any help!


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An update: I asked UFile for help and they promptly replied (the next day). Here's what Lucia told me:


"In UFile, the drop down menu options, for box 210 are:

" Total carrying charges
" Portion - rental properties
" Portion - resources
" Portion - films
" Portion - foreign investments
I had no issues to enter Portion - rental properties, for instance.

But this is not important as long as Box 210 amount is present; you can also select total carrying charges because the amount represents the total carrying charges you paid, at your level, NOT partnership level."


I have a little trouble understanding the reply (e.g. what does "I had no issues..." mean?) but the last part (after "you can also select...") seemed very relevant as I had chosen the second and third options because the paper instructions indicated that the amounts were my portion. So, I tried selecting "Total carrying charges" now knowing it meant -my- total portion rather than the partnership's total, and the error message went away. Yay!


That said, the option labels and in-program instructions do nothing to clarify what "Total carrying charges" represents (i.e. the partnership's vs. the partner's totals). Needless to say, I just want to enter numbers without having to understand what all the boxes represent. 


Thanks for the speedy reply UFile and Lucia!


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