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Nothing but problems this year

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I have had so many issues with Ufile this year.


It wouldn't update at all so I had to download the latest version.


I competed my tax return and now it won't file electronically either tax return. I get 2 different error messages:

Federal: unable to connect to remote server

Quebec: there was no endpoint listening at


It also crashes every time I try to save to PDF and, if I try to print, it tells me I don't have permission to use the printer!!!! I cannot believe how messed up this year is.


Am i the only one? Is this happening to anyone else? I have turned off the firewall and anti virus. I am using a laptop running windows 7 which is fully updated.

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Hello Snirpy,


I'm sorry you're having trouble filing. The Federal and Quebec errors indicate that an Internet connection could not be established. If the firewall is disabled, UFile should be able to establish an Internet connection but we will need more information to identify the cause.


The printer message can be a Windows permissions issue with your printer.


I suggest contacting for help with the issues you encountered.

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