Late T3 - Requesting an adjustment to my tax return

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I recently filed my tax return and shortly thereafter got issued a T3.


I assumed that since my Canadian ETF dividend income from trading account was below $50, I would not be issued a T3, so I just claimed my dividends directly.  Big mistake.  The T3 I was eventually issued with the following boxes: 

  • 12 - SIN
  • 14 - Account number
  • 16 - Report Code
  • 18 - Beneficiary code
  • 21 - Capital Gains
  • 25 - Foreign non-business income
  • 34 - Foreign non-business income tax paid
  • 42 - Amount resulting in cost base adjustment


This means filling out my adjustment request (T1-ADJ adjust a federal tax return) is brutal as a huge amount of line values change.  How should I approach this?


Some interesting things I have come across in relation to this situation.

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UFile Online tax return adjustments is pretty much a manual process


A brief update as I go about doing my tax return adjustment.  It seems that UFile is not much of a help when it comes to this issue.  You basically you have to go through your previous tax return copy and compare it to your updated UFile tax return, line by line.  One line change generally triggers a whole bunch of other line changes (I am currently at 20 and counting).  To quote from here -





NOTE: We recommend that you keep your previously filed tax return, and prepare separately an amended tax return based on the changes you make. Print this amended tax return and compare it with your original tax return. Take note of the line numbers that are affected, as you will need them when completing your adjustment request.




CRA "Individual tax enquiries" Follow-Up


I recently contacted the CRA via the "Individual tax enquiries" phone contact ( and I spoke to a representative about my situation and below is a brief summary of my conversation.   BEWARE, I have provided some general information on my situation only and it should not be construed as or relied upon as legal advice.



Paper submission of the T1-ADJ


Doing a paper submission either by using UFile Online to fill out the T1-ADJ form or filling it out manually  (  If you do a paper submission you have to include supporting documentation and discovering what documentation is required, takes a bit of guess work.  For instance, it was mentioned that I should include the T2209 form (Federal Foreign Tax Credits) with my submission and maybe even the Schedule 3 form.  After much talking, it was pretty much agreed upon that my best way forward was to send a cover letter outlining my situation, the T1-ADJ form, the T2209 form and a complete print out of my updated tax return (To cover all bases on which additional documentation would be required), and hope for the best.


Online submission using the CRA My Account Page


> My Account > Change my return > Tax year: 2016 > Next


Doing a CRA My Account online submission doesn't require any supporting documentation from what I was told, though there are some sections missing.  From talking to the CRA representative it sounds like the missing sections are ones that result in a positive tax refund amount.  For instance, I would not be able to claim my Federal Foreign Tax Credits. From what I understood, the CRA is okay with me not minimizing my personal tax, and happy if I leave out the relevant sections that would reduce my tax.




Other related links





Is there a simple way to get a complete list of all the tax return line numbers and their corresponding values? Do I have to manually go through both UFile pdfs available on the "Tax Return" tab?

  • PDF 1 - "Download PDF" link - 42 page pdf
  • PDF 2 - "Federal Print" link - 7 page pdf

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