Function 'dateLessThan()' has failed

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We've tried everything and are unable to submit our tax forms for netfile due to this error.


First we were getting an message about 'errors or omissions in your data', but when going to view the messages, we see 'tax calculations completed successfully'.


SO, then we continue on to the Netfile function and get the message:



An exceptional situation has occurred.

The system sent this exception: 'Function 'dateLessThan()' has failed.



Exceptional indeed. Is this a known bug and is there a fix in the works?


I've read all of CRA's exceptions, and we do not meet any of them, so there should be no errors generated from our end.


I've already re-tried everything four times. Assistance is appreciated.


Thank you,


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Got mine to work ,check your clock make sure it's set to the correct time zone you are in.


I changed mine and then it was able to send the files using Netfile.


hope it works for you


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