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Tax Return Won't Display

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I have UFILE for Windows with the standard 4 returns which I have used up. I am completed a 5th return which is classified as free in UFILE.


When I complete the (free) return and click on "3 Review", it displays the page properly.


When I click on "4 Tax Return", I first get the message "You have used up all the tax returns available with you copy of UFILE" and I click "Ok"


The Tax Return Counter is displayed showing me the 4 non-free returns and the 5th return (that i am working on) as free ("Yes in the FREE column"). When I click "OK" the return never displays.


When I click on "5 NETFILE", I have the ability to NetFile the return.


Why can't I see the tax return for this file? (note...I could the other day and the Tax Counter status was the same).


I have  UFILE 2016 version




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