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How to enter the non-resident rental income tax withholding amount shown in a NR4 form in Ufile

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I am a non-resident and I have a rental house in Canada. In Canada, I have an agent  who prepared a NR4 slip to me to show me the total rental income taxes he withhold from my rental income and remitted to the CRA. But I don't know where I can find the place to enter this amount so the calculation will include it and reduce it from my tax payable. Could any expert tell me how to solve this problem?



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As a non-resident reporting rental income in Canada you submit a special return T1159 also known as an election under section 216 return.


In the Interview there are only three pieces of data to enter


1) the selection of Section 216

in the Immigrant, emigrant or non-resident section


2) the data about the rental property

in the Rental income section


3) the tax withheld as shown in the NR4, Box 17 or Box 27

in the Pension income, T4A section

 - in Box 022 (Federal income tax withheld) of a T4A slip 

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Thank you Bretonix for your step by step instructions! The section 216 feature would have been very hard to find otherwise, especially step 3, which would have never occurred to me. I followed the steps successfully and UFile generated a section 216 return.

Boo: I reside in the US and report Canadian interest income on my US tax return.

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