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2017 NetFile - Submitted but CRA Not Receiving It

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I submitted my 2017 tax return via NetFile on Feb 28, 2018. 

I opted for the Express NOA option (Notice of Assessment) - which indicated that upon filing, I would receive access to my NOA immediately.


Well, I submitted my return and UFile showed it was successful (Ref# obtained), but they didn't provide me with any NOA. Now, it may be because of the timing (Feb 28, 2018 and technically RRSP season remains open on March 1, 2018), but that wasn't mentioned in the system when selected the option for Express NOA. 

I then went to the CRA site (the following day) and CRA was noting that they haven't even received my 2017, let alone have a NOA available. 


Does anyone know anything about this Express NOA?

Does it matter that I submitted my 2016 return only a couple days prior (which is showing as received and processing on the CRA site - but I didn't opt for the Express NOA that time)? I don't recall the Express NOA page saying anything about that impacting the availability.


Any info would help - just wondering if UFile failed me in it's attempt to submit my 2017 returns.

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I’m having the exact same problem. Spouse is head of family and his went through perfect. Automatic NOA was great too. Mine however is not uploaded to cra regardless that Ufile states it went through and had given me a reference letter. I seen in another thread about this same issue, that Ufile will tell you to call CRA. CRA will tell you they cannot back track with reference numbers and to contact Ufile. I still have yet to find out if there is a possible resolution to this issue. 

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I spoke to CRA this morning. So even though my account says they haven’t received my return, they have in fact received it. He said that they need to process it and sometimes this happens. He said usually it takes up to two weeks for it to update that it has been received and processed however, if it doesn’t they cannot take any action to correct this problem until April 26th. 

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My Cra account online said it was received a couple days after the phone call and that my notice of assessment will be available March 12. They told me it’s because I have a balance from last year that they have to review it. My ex has also pulled some fast ones trying to claim our child as a dependant which resulted in some reassessments. This could contribute too. If you don’t have an answer by Monday I would call them again but they did tell me I wouldn’t be able to refile until after April 26 if it doesn’t go through. Which it did. 

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On 3/11/2018 at 3:38 PM, mike and Karen said:

Hi - thanks for your post...I'm having the same situation (my return was processed however spouse says it's been rejected (yet I get an confirmation #...does not make much sense...))   From your latest conversation with CRA, did they ask you to do anything else or to wait for them to process your file?





Have same issue. have 2 confirmation # (yet says spouse file rejected) ... has been two days, and CRA online status "not received"..

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