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Cannot access to my account

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I cannot login into my accounts.

I believe there is something wrong with the system. I have three accounts and for neither one password doesn't work. Security questions also don't and they looks ridiculous as it is 'What is your first pet name' but we never had any pets at all.

It is very strange and totally wrong that there is no way to reset the password through email or somehow else. It is possible with ALL THE MOST SECURED SYSTEM IN THE WORLD and only Ufile doesn't allow it.

I need to find the way how to get my info from this system.

Very frustrating!

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Hello InnaF,

If you have forgotten your password for the 2010 and later years and you have enabled the reset password feature, please follow these steps:

1. Return to the "Sign in to UFile" 

2. Click on "Did you forget your password?";

3. Complete the two fields for the user name, as well as for the letters and number appearing in the picture. Click "Next";

4. Enter in the security question answer. Click "Next".

Once you've completed these steps, you will receive an email with the reset information
In the email, you will find a link, your reset PIN and details regarding the available amount of time that you have to change your password before it expires.  Please note that the PIN is not the new password, and that it will only be valid for 4 hours.

1. Click on the link provided to you in the email or paste it into your browser:

2. Enter in your user name and the PIN you received in the email.

3. Enter in the letters and number in the picture. Click "Next".

4. Enter in your security question answer. Click "Next".

5. Enter in the new password, confirm the password.

6. Click on "Update my password".

You will subsequently receive a confirmation message that your password has been reset.
Once this is done, click "Click here" to return to the "Sign in to UFile" page and enter your user name and newly created  password.

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Antoine, thank you for your reply. However it is totally misleading. You did not take one minute to read my post. As I indicated in my first post the security question feature does not work. It is even more clear now that there is a glitch in UFile system. Yesterday it asked me 'What is your first pet name' and as I indicated previously we did not have any pet and as such I would never use this security question. Today it ask me "What was the name of your manager at your first job?" and it is same ridiculously wrong as I was self employed since we came to Canada. It seems as a mere mockery!

Antoine, if you have any relation to the developers of UFile online, please ask them to fix the glitch or just let me to reset the password, sending link to my email, which is the same in Ufile and this forum.

Thank you.

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I'm having the same problem days and days of back and forth stonewalling e-mails and getting nowhere. I've paid way to much for a family return and can't use it because I don't remember a challenge word that they say I have but I don't I'm so screwed with you file!

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