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I read on CRA website that since Feb 26, 2018, they are giving option to re NETFILE (they call it ReFILE). Well, my question is: after I have NETFILEd my 2017 return today, I discovered that I forgot to include something. Can I re NETFILE my return after making changes to my return? If yes, how does it work?


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I contacted technical support about this and was told that REFile will not be implemented for the 2017 fiscal year, but it may be in future years. You can fill a T1-adj online through CRA's My Account, which works well and automatically triggers a reassessment.

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To some extent, what support guy told is INCORRECT. 

I resubmitted (re-Netfiled) my return and CRA accepted my revised return. Today I checked my CRA account and to my surprise, they have accessed my revised return!

I am not sure if revised NetFile will work after the return has been accessed, however, it should work if you re-Netfile you return within few days of submitting the original return.

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