UFile shows medical expenses while I had none (Quebec, line 381)

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I had no medical expenses in 2017 and I did not enter any in the interview section. However, line 381 (medical expenses) of my Quebec tax return shows $296.11.


How does UFile arrive at this number? Why does it input medical expenses when I had none?

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I have the same experience but I can explain a bit of what happened: my Releve 1 form shows a generated Box 235 which includes the premium I pay towards health and dental plans...a legitimate medical expense. Also, I am required to contribute to the provincial drug plan (RAMQ) and my 'contribution' also gets added in as a medical expense into line 36 on Schedule B. Schedule B (the paper form) then wants to reduce the expense by 3% of my income (line 275). It is this final amount which is supposed to flow into Line 381 (after which the amount on Line 381 is entitled to a 20% tax credit). So much for the explanation. But there is an underlying problem: UFile did not reduce the original expense amount by 3% of my income. I wrote to Ufile about this. I think this is a serious bug!

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