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Weird Bug when netfiling Quebec Return

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I believe this is a bug, as I am not getting any errors. I filed both mine and my spouse's federal returns successfully (Status: File Accepted). But when I get to the Quebec Netfiling part, my status says Ready for filing and my spouse's status says File rejected. I got this error because I initially put in the incorrect NOA number for my wife, but corrected it after and it was then accepted and I got a reference number and everything for her, but it still says rejected for some odd reason.

Now, when I go file my Quebec return, and I input my NOA number and submit, it takes me to my wife's Netfile submission screen where it says that it was accepted at 9:34am. It's not taking me to my accepted screen and my Quebec return status remains "Ready for filing". Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?

I've attached a .jpg for your reference.


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