T2125 - Uber driver with no income

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In 2016 my wife had to create a company to file incoming as a Uber driver. In 2017 she didn't make a penny on this business, as she never drove for Uber since.

So, do I have to include a T2125 in my 2017 file as well? The problem is that I included it and inserted $0.00 on the field Gross sale, but I get a warning that prevents me to file the report.

How should I proceed to report $0.00 on the gross sale field?

Thanks for the help!

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If she registered her business with the province as a sole proprietor she should at least have amount to deduct for business registration as an expense. :)

For example: If I recall correctly in Ontario the business registration fee is for 5 years so she would be deducting 1/5 each year going forward.

Also, if she plans to have no income going forward you need to tick that box that indicates this is the final year of the business if she is closing it. That might fix the issue.

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