Netfile error You entered child care expenses without including the valid SIN or identification number of the person who received the payments

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All of the childcare expenses are under my daughter and not my wife, but it keeps giving me that error on my wifes return even though there are no childcare expenses listed under her.  It feels like a phantom error as i can't locate anything incorrect and its taking my time to figure it out.  Any help?

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Even if the childcare expenses are entered in the dependant's file, they are claimed by the Family head or the spouse. In order to send electronically the tax return for the person that claims the childcare expenses, it is mandatory to have completed the SIN or the identification number of the entity who received the payments.

In this order, please go to the Interview of your daughter, and on the page Daycare or Babysitter (under the Child care) depending on your situation, and enter the appropriate information:

Identification number in the case of a daycare or SIN in the case of a babysitter.


I hope this message will help you t file the tax return.

Have a great day,



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