Circular warning... can't continue

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I've been using ufile for well over a decade now.  First time I've run into something like this.

I finished everything and went to use NETFILE.  Step 3 (review) is fine.  Step 4 (Tax return) is fine.  Step 5 (Netfile) says "Ready for Filing" and no problems are indicated... however, at the bottom is a "warning" that says:



You have not completed all of the required electronic submissions.

Please refer to the Filing Status to determine which submission(s) remain outstanding.


The problem is, clicking "Filing Status" link simply takes me back to the same page I'm on with the same warning.  Absolutely NO hint as to what is apparently missing!

There's nothing unusual about my filing that would prevent me from using Netfile.  Must be a glitch of some sort... but not hints/errors so I don't know how to proceed or what to check.  Any ideas?

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Solved... but it is still a bug.

I was able to submit my wife's, but not mine.  I went back and started to look at what was different.  Thankfully, I found it right away.  I clicked the new "Go Green" option and she didn't.  So I unchecked it and removed my email and then I was able to submit.  Yes, I had clicked the box for agreeing to the terms and conditions.

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