Can I delete and start over?

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Hi kanegun,

Can I delete a tax year? (2010 and subsequent years)
If you wish to delete your tax returns for one or more tax years (2010 and subsequent years), please follow these instructions:

1. Go to: https://secure.ufile.ca/account/login.aspx
2. Type in your username and password;
3. Click on "Sign in";
4. Click on "My account" (located in the upper right-hand corner of the page);
5. In the new window that appears, select the tab "Close account and delete tax years";
6. Select "Delete selected files";
7. Tick the tax years files you wish to delete;
8. Click the "Next" button;
9. Enter your password in the space provided;
10. Click the "Delete" button.

Note: Once your selected tax file(s) are deleted, they CANNOT be restored. If you have already paid for the selected tax file(s), the payments will also be lost. This action removes all information including the carryforward information. Moreover, ALL family members within the selected tax file(s) will be deleted. 

DO NOT use this feature to remove a family member. To do that, simply click on the minus sign (Delete) next to that family member's icon located under the "Interview" tab from within the file.

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Thanks, Antoine7, but it's not quite what I'm asking. I know how to delete it. What I want to know is if I delete the 2017 file, can I create a new 2017 file to start over? I'm hoping that if I create a new 2017 file it will reset all the carry-forwards that I lost.

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Re: v20.23 UFile 2016

Would you please check your program if you have the right version v20.23?

If not, update UFile 2016 then open the file from ''open an existing file''

go to step number 4 save as pdf

then save and close

launch 2017 and use the feature carry forward

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