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You reported employment income without specifying any pensionable earnings or CPP/QPP exemption

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Using Windows UFile. I've just entered all the information for my spouse, She is on disability. I entered in the information from her T4A(P). She is on long term disability with her employer. They sent here a T4 with earnings of 61.88, something to do with money towards benefits they give to each employee. So, CPP contributions box is blank and EI premiums box is blank.

I can't NetFile for her. The program is insisting on something for CPP contributions on her T4. I tried entering 0.01. Now the program will NetFile for her, but it indicates she is now getting a refund of .01 (since in her circumstances she shouldn't be paying any CPP). But, her T4 form doesn't indicate she is exempt from CPP contributions.

Any ideas? I don't want to have to send these forms in using snail mail.


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If you enter any numbers into the cpp boxes and saved and if you later change make the box blank and check off "Exempt CPP/QPP" it will NOT work.

Create a new T4 form with a temporary employer name the ("+" bubble), copy all the T4 box amounts to the new form (Leave CPP boxes blank ie. don't touch).  Then select "Exempt CPP/QPP (rare!)".

Save the new form, delete the old first form (click on "-" bubble). 

Rename the new T4 name properly

The software will now calculate properly and remove the error such you can Netfile.

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