T3 - Box 21 (Capital Gains) vs T5008 Question - Double Taxation!

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After importing the CRA 'AutoFill' data, I received T3's, T5's & T5008's 


One of my T3's (Box 21) is for Milestone Apartments REIT showing a very large Capital Gain. (The company merged & went private in May 2017 - de-listing from Toronto Stock Exchange)

One of my T5008's is for Milestone Apartments REIT showing the number of units (shares) that were sold, as well as the 'proceeds from disposition' auto-filled.   I am to enter the Adjusted Cost and it would then transfer the Capital Gain (or Loss) to Schedule 3. 

The problem is that Ufile is transferring both the Capital Gain amounts from the T3 (Box 21) & T5008 to Schedule 3 (Section 3 & Line 176), resulting in a massive Capital Gains amount. 

The Capital Gains amounts are different between the T3 and T5008 (based on my spreadsheet adjusted cost (factoring in return of capital over the years etc.).  Thus I have decided to delete the T5008 form and go with the T3 - Box 21 (Capital Gains) amount that was provided by CIBC Investor's Edge. 

Could someone advise what to do in this situation, or why Ufile is including both Capital Gains amounts from the T3 and T5008?

I don't feel like recording a Capital Gain of over $20,000,  twice for the same transaction.  Yet that's precisely what happens in this case.      





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