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Netfile blocked by Ufile because dependent errors??

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I cannot Netfile for myself and my wife because Ufile is showing the following error message for my dependent daughter (11 years old; $0 income in 2017):  "Unable to calculate the tax return - There are errors or omissions in your data. Please review the messages in the Review section for more details."
In the Messages section of the Review section, Ufile has indicated for my daughter "Based on the data entered, no federal tax return is required.".  There are no error messages for myself/my wife/daughter and Ufile has indicated we "are eligible to file the federal return using NETFILE"
In 2016 we I used Ufile, the system generated a pdf document for my daughter with the following text:
Based on the federal requirements, you do not need to file a federal return for 2016.
The most common situations to file a return are:
You have to pay tax for 2016.
CRA sent you a request to file a return.
You disposed of property in 2016 or you realized a taxable capital gain.
You want to claim a refund.
You want to apply for the GST/HST credit.
You or your spouse or common-law partner wants to begin or continue receiving Canada Child Tax Benefit payments.
(For more details on the federal requirements, see the section "Do you have to file a return?" in the T1 General Guide.)
If you wish to generate a return, answer "yes" to the question "Does this dependant
require a tax return?" in the Dependant identification page.
In 2016 (and 2015, 2014, 2013.....etc) we were able to Netfile
What do I need to do Netfile our (mine and my wife's) returns for 2017? 

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