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Create new file for adult child who is no longer a dependent

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I have been using UFile for several years now.  I have two adult children who used to be dependents, but who this tax year (2018) are no longer dependent.  I wish to create new individual tax returns for them using last years information.  I haven't seen a way to do this and to be honest if I have to manually enter this information, I'm going to be upset.

Surely this must be a common occurrence.  Dependents eventually graduate and get jobs and leave the nest.  If UFile wants to continue to have me (and my offspring) as loyal customers, this needs to be a feature.  

Any one have any idea how to do this???  

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Hello Stile,

Carrying forward the tax file of a member who leaves the family

Please note that there is no automatic way to carry forward the information of a person who left the family.

This person must enter all his or her information in a separate new file. However, in this person's new file, do not forget to enter any amount that can be carried forward to future years. These carryforwards are usually shown on the Notice of Assessment received by this person in the previous year. It is also possible to check the "Summary of carryforward amounts" page under the tab "Tax return" in his or her file of the previous year.

Since this person left the family, remember to remove this person from your family file. To do this, under the tab "Interview", on the line of "Head of family", choose the person you want to remove in the family file and click "- Delete selected" and a pop-up window will appear with the question "Are you sure you want to remove all data for (the dependant or the spouse) from this file?" By clicking "Yes" you will delete all of this person's data.

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