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Finding the date of return submission

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I submitted a tax return by netfile and the return was accepted with a confirmation number generated. I am now in a dispute with CRA that will require I submit a complaint. I would like to include a complete history of the issue. When I go into the UFile for that tax year I cam see that the Netfile was sent and I can get the confirmation number, but it doesn't say when the netfile was submitted. Is there any way to get this filing date? Is there a log or something I can review?

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Sorry - but this does not provide the date of submission. It gives the name of the submitter, gives the message "Tax return accepted by the government" and then it says "Confirmation number:  xxxxxxx". There is nothing there about what the date of submission is - a big gap as far as I can see but glad to see that it is addressed in future versions. Can't believe that the software would not have collected that information. I'd be pretty sure it actually does do that somewhere, but there is nowhere to show it back to the client. I wonder if there is a log file to examine?


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