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Issues with trying to pay for UFile Online

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I purchased UFile Online in Dec to take advantage of promotional pricing. My receipt clearly states it was for Head of Family, Spouse + 2 Dependents. I was able to complete and Netfile both my return and my spouse's, however, when I try to finalize and complete one of my dependent's returns (Step 4 - Tax Return), I get a pop-up message that I need to first pay for the Familly Head's file - which I already have! When I click the "Buy Now" button, I'm taken to Step 2 - Identification for my return, not a payment page and I can't find a payment page anywhere. I tried calling UFile Support, but after waiting for an hour to speak with someone gave up. Two email support emails have been sent, but I have yet to hear anything and am not holding out hope I will anytime soon. Their customer support seems to be severely lacking. All I want to do is complete my dependent's return so she can get her refund. The issue and resulting delay is extremely frustrating! I've used UFile for years with minor issues, but I'm thinking it's time to find another program next year. One that seems less "buggy" and with better support. 😡

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