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Frustrated! I can NOT find forms! Where to input medical expenses, WITB, income FOR WITB

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I am BEYOND frustrated with ufile. Every single time I search help, I get NOTHING on where to input these f*#%@!g numbers or where to even find them on the forms! I've had it and have broken down in tears more than once because it's SO impossible to use!

What do I click, where do I add the form to add medical expenses? LINE 330 - WHERE DO I CLICK TO ADD THIS FORM WITH THIS LINE ON IT

Where do I add the form, which form do I add to first add my income for WITB (Working Income Tax Benefit) - Line 453 (and "calculate working income on lines 385 and 386 of Schedule 6" - HOW AND WHERE DO I ADD SCHEDULE 6?!?) - WHERE AND WHAT FORM DO I ADD FOR LINE 453.

I am absolutely fed up and can't believe how completely unhelpful the ufile help is.

I need to know how to add and where to find forms, IN UFILE, not about the lines themselves!  

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You start with ticking off the right boxes in the Interview process, and then the right lines will show up in the UFile window on the left. With interview based software packages like Ufile or TurboTax, you must carefully check off the right boxes in the interview process... Otherwise you don't find them.

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