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2018 Ufile won’t download updates!

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I downloaded the Ufile 2018, then it said an update was available; clicked on update.. “ allow access etc to pc... clicked confirm... only went to 7 % after a LONG time! Updates always only took la minute or so at most. 

I tried several things, including uninstalling and reinstalling the CD 3 times. I also restarted the PC as the uninstalling instructions stated.

I went  to website, tried their “ virtual online advisor “. What a joke! Not even any response! Had to type out an email, which I then received my complaint with just a bunch of the same links that I already tried. “ This is an automated response.” 

This is SO frustrating and I specifically asked in my email, that if possible, I would like to speak with a LIVE person. I had an issue only once before downloading the CD , and it was resolved in minutes with a person on the phone! 

I have purchased Ufile for many years now, and have never had any issues with updating it. I used to always get my CD in the mail and this is the first year that it didn’t come in the mail, but I received a card stating where it could be purchased; ie: Walmart, Staples, etc, so this is the first year I have purchased the CD from Walmart. I even cleaned it in case the slight dust on it was the problem!

Please could I get some help here, from Ufile administration, or anyone out there? I am not too techs, but I have tried everything I think they suggested. 

I am SO frustrated, disappointed, and to be polite... angry. I was looking forward to getting my information I putted and completing my taxes as soon as possible. 

I appreciate any help. Thankyou. 


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