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My return show an overpayment of EI and wasnt able to be Netfliled. Talking to CRA i was told I need to submit form T2204 with my return. How and where can I find and fill this form ? Thanks

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Hello Dan1,

T4 slip - Box 18 - EI premiums

Enter the amount shown in Box 18 of your T4 slip.

If your income was less than $2,000 during the year, you could get a refund of your contributions, provided that the amount of the refund exceeds $1.00.

If required, the program will generate federal form T2204 and your refund will be reported on line 450 of the federal return.

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Thank you so much Antoine7.

Problem is that the return is for 2015 fiscal and CRA rejected my Netfile with the followign msg:

Error code(s):2123You claimed an employment insurance overpayment on line 450 of your return but your return was not filed within 3 years after the end of the year for which the request is made. Please delete the entry on line 450. However, if this correction cannot be made, validation checks in the Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) processing system prevent your return from being accepted for NETFILE. Please send a paper return for processing. The CRA regrets the inconvenience.


Form T2204 is present on my return, but CRA still not happy to take it. The claimed overpaid amount is just 18 dollars. Im willing to waive this moneys to be able to Netfile, but can figure out hot I could do that. Any recommendation is centenary welcomed.


Thanks again.


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