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Tuition Carry Forward

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Doing taxes this year on Ufile again (not new to Ufile).

My wife was a student in 2017, and had a full time job in 2018.

Based on her notice of assessment, she has federal and provincial tuition and education amounts carried forward. 

This year she wants to use only some of this amount and carry forward the maximum $5000 to next year. 

Under the T2202A, it asks for the "Unused Federal and provincial amounts"

Asks about treatment of unused --

I choose " Carry forward to use next year"

And then it says "portion of unused amount you wish to transfer federally (max 5000)" --

I put 5000.

When we get to Review, she gets a big return.

Under Messages it says:"UFile ignored the amounts entered for the Portion of unused amount you wish to transfer on the tuition and education page as they are not relevant given the choice made for handling the Unused tuition and education amounts."

Under Federal it shows it has used ALL the tuition amount under line 323.

Why is it doing this?



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