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Patricia Montreal

When I go to Review ( 0 Errors, 0 Warnings) it says "Oops...."

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It looks like this problem happens if your Ufile tax data file in the format of "JohnDoe_and_family tax 2018.u18" resides in the same folder where you installed the Ufile 2018 software.

After entering your tax information for 2018 (The Interview process), save your file in any other folder, but not in the folder where you installed your Ufile 2018 software.

For example, I installed my UFile 2018 software in C:\Taxes\Ufile 2018. By default, Ufile 2018 will save my Ufile data file as C:\Taxes\Ufile 2018\Julius Sy_and_family tax 2018.u18. I got around the problem by copying "JuliusSy_and_family tax 2018.u18" from C:Taxes\Ufile 2018 to c:\Taxes\Ufile 2017. The next time I open Ufile 2018, I specify the file name C:\Taxes\Ufile 2017\Julius Sy_and_family tax 2018.u18. It seems to fix (I should say get around) the problem.

I even tried saving the file in my desktop, it works too. 

What I ended up doing is:

Create a folder called "Data File" in C:\Taxes\Ufile 2018 and save my Ufile tax data file in the "Data File" folder. It is "cleaner" than saving it in my Ufile 2017 folder.

Of course, it will be nice for Ufile to fix the problem.

Hope this helps.

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After playing with this problem some more, I found out what was causing the problem.

The problem is with the "Continue on Recent" button. If I open my tax file by pressing the "Continue on Recent" button, I always get the problem.

If I click on the "Open An Existing File" button, and select my data file, I don't have any problem Reviewing or Generating the Tax return.

It does not matter where the data file exists. It can be saved in the same folder where the UFile Software in installed.

Hope this will help Ufile fix the problem.

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