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Got an error when file ex-spouse tax return

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I and my husband got separated 2nd half of 2018.

When file 2018 tax, we indicated the marital status has changed (married to separated) in both of our files.

He is the family head, and in his review section, there is an error:

"You have data for both an ex-spouse and a current spouse. Delete one or the other, consistent with your marital status."

I couldn't figure out where the current spouse is indicated. I don't know how to fix this error. Could anyone help? Thanks!

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Is the family head trying to claim the spousal deduction?  He shouldn't be. Separated spouses should have essentially independent tax returns, with the only shared financials potentially being investment income or Schedule 3 dispositions for the period pre-separation in JTWROS accounts. Both of those categories (investment income and Schedule 3 can be allocated in Ufile. If that doesn't work either, then don't use the '% and transfer to spouse' options for investment income and capital dispositions. Ignore sharing and simply divide the tax slips up prior to data entry and only enter the relevant data for each spouse.

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