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Multiple T2202A from different years

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Hi all,

I have 5 T2202A forms from my 5 years enrollment in a program during 2010-2015 years. I have never reported my T2202A's in my tax returns since then and this year (2018 tax year) I want to claim for them.

The question is whether I can enter all five forms in my tax return for 2018?

If yes, how do I go about it, since the sum number of month for the tuition period can't be over 12.
If not, then how does it work? Does this mean that I can only claim for one T2202A form at a time? Do I get to choose which of my 5 forms to enter in my 2018 return, or does it have to follow chronological order, meaning this year I claim for 2010 T2202A, then next year I claim for 2011 and so on?


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