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Reassesment related to a T5

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I did everything by the book, verified and re-verified, checked and re-checked ... all was cool until yesterday when CRA sent me a reassessment notice to do with a T5 form

We changed your total federal non-refundable tax credits to $xxx and your total Ontario non-refundable tax credits to $xxx.

As a result of this reassessment, we changed your federal dividend tax credit to $xxx and your Ontario dividend tax credit to $xxx

We charged you arrears interest of $7.99 on the balance you owe. We calculated this interest to the date of this notice.

So now I am to pay about $290 ... should UFile not have done this properly for me?

Did any of you guys experienced anything like this? What did you do? Did UFile support help at all? How did it end?

Much obliged for any input you may care to share,

best, as ever,


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