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Adjusted Cost Base (ACB) Question

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1. I made an ETF purchase this past year.(a Vanguard ETF on the TSX)

2. I am trying to calculate my Adjusted cost base (Acb).

3. The T3 lists the following: Return of Capital, Actual dividends (eligible), Other Income, Foreign Income and Foreign Tax Paid.


Question: does Foreign Income, or Foreign Tax Paid affect the Adjusted Cost Base calculation? 

Edit: After further research, apparently it goes as follows: 

Opening adjusted cost base

+ Purchase(s) 

- Sale(s)

- Return of Capital (Roc)

+ Capital gains distributions (if any - as indicated on company website under distributions, as well as on footnote of T3)

+ Re-invested distributions, or dividends (if any - as indicated on company website, under distributions, on a per share basis: therefore multiply by # of shares)

= Closing adjusted cost base.


Can some Adjusted cost base expert lend any additional information that I'm missing, as pertains to Canadian Exchange traded funds (ETFs), that include foreign investments.

I am manually tracking this figure on spreadsheet, for future sale purposes. 



thanks in advance! 

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