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Bug in handling of Provincial Tuition and Education Amounts?

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Hi: My wife has a T2202 for tuition paid in 2019 but has no income. So, for the federal taxes, Ufile has transferred the tuition to me. For the provincial (ON) taxes, it doesn't seem like tuition can be transferred (which is fine). However, when my wife's return is generated, Ufile doesn't include ON(S11) to carry forward the unused provincial tuition. Is this a bug?


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Hello Nawal. I hope all is well. I did a bit more digging on the issue. There is no issue with Ufile's handling of the tuition credits.

Yes, schedule 11 deals with the federal tuition credit, but I was trying to get clarification on the provincial tuition credit.

From what I've found, Ontario's tuition and education tax credits were phased out after the 2017 tax return. If persons had accumulated credits before the phase out, they can continue to carry those forward or use them by filling out the provincial ON(S11).

It's been a long time since I've had to deal with tuition amounts; I didn't realize the provincial credit had been eliminated.

Best Regards.

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Hi Nawal - we have corresponded on this same issue before. 

There is still a bug in Ufile Online 2019  related to the calculation of Tuition carry-forwards for Ontario students ever since the Provincial amounts were phased out for tuition fees after August 2017.

The calculation of the unused tuition amounts to carry-forward are incorrect on both the Federal S11 schedule and the Ontario ON(S11) schedule. I have been unable to convince the support folks that the CRA prescribed forms are inconsistent with the tax rules that apply to the calculation of the carry-forward amounts. 

There is a further problem in applying the tuition amounts that have been accumulated & carried forward from prior tax years.  I could not find a step in Ufile Online 2019 for claiming the carried-forward amounts that were AFR downloaded from the CRA. It appears the unused Federal amounts will continue to accumulate and carry forward to future returns  while the Provincial amounts will only be carried forward indefinitely with no way to claim them.  

 I haven't checked this out but suspect the same issue applies to all versions of Ufile Online for tax years 2017 - 2019. 

Unless I'm totally misinformed, I'd appreciate your advice / fix / workaround to this serious glitch in the program.


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