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T5008 donation of shares. Getting Ufile to load T1170

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The broker issued a T5008 for shares I instructed to be donated in kind. How do I get Ufile to load a T1170 so the capital gain is not included in my income?

I submitted this to Ufile support assistant which automatically emailed back various topics which unfortunately did not provide the answer.

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Thanks Winston.

I have to fill in the Ufile page you suggest to designate it as a gift to charity as there is no similar designation on the page where the T5008 is entered - Interest, Investment income....>T5008 Statement of securities transactions. Although the T5008 is in the CRA records since I downloaded it into my UFile taxes, I am going to have to delete it to prevent a double entry. Do you think that is the best way? I can explain if I am assessed.

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