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  2. Hi! I had the same issue and I can help you guys!! I was typing my correct login & password and it wouldn't work! I wrote a msg for support and got an email but none of their links or options seem to be for a password reset.. but if u notice at the end of the email after all the options it says "1. REPLY to this email to receive an email response to your query from a member of our support team". You have to reply to the email with "password reset" don't type anything else cause the support is a Bot.. after replying that.. a few hours after I got a Password Reset link! 😁 Hope this help
  3. @Nawal hello, I also need a password reset link, it is not showing up to my registered email.
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  5. I have a major problem tryong to connect to My Account at CRA using your autofill and download feature in my Ufile 2020 for Windows program. It reaches CRA but endlessly tries to process my (your program's script) request. No login page comes up no matter how long I wait. However, I can connect myself outside of the program by going to CRA login to My Account and no problem. The issue is with your Ufile program. Do you know of a fix for this,?
  6. Not that I know of. Read https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/topics/about-your-tax-return/tax-return/completing-a-tax-return/deductions-credits-expenses/line-30400-amount-eligible-dependant/you-claim-amount-eligible-dependant.html and https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/topics/about-your-tax-return/tax-return/completing-a-tax-return/deductions-credits-expenses/line-30400-amount-eligible-dependant/you-claim-amount-eligible-dependant-line-30400-6.html
  7. Hi I'm trying to enter a foreign property address but the form doesn't accept the postal code. The postal code format I'm trying is different than Canada.(Instead of A1A 2B2, it is 11111) What is the solution for this? Thank you
  8. I have the same problem. My wife has income, and we used Netfile last year. Now her file is rejected. i cannot answer yes to the question of nil income, as she has income to declare.
  9. Update: Removed spouse readded For the queries, chose yes yes (accurate) attempted to submit Your account is locked. The saga continues. Will be calling CRA tomorrow - something is up good day all .. I AM OUT
  10. Hello there, I would like to know more details on how to report hobby income earned through flipping items on online platforms like eBay and StockX In 2020, I have made a net profit of $863 from selling shoes. The total sale revenue was $12037 and after deducting the cost of inventory, shipping, website fees, processing fees, my net profit in 2020 was $863. I am not sure how to report this $863 net profit. I have been told to use form T2125 - Business Identification but it does not fit properly the nature of my hobby work. The information requested in form T2125 is more geared
  11. Hi Greg, Do you still file a Canadian return? If so, how do you enter your NR4 along with other T slips? Charlene
  12. ufile support confirmed that you have to first save the 2019 return in pdf (after transmitting to the govt), then import your 2019 data into 2020. it fixed the problem for me. Sandra
  13. To Add. For the problematic return....under 'NetFile'.. upon clicking on 'file rejection' .... states the following: Rejected Result:16 The Canada Revenue Agency's records indicate that your 2020 tax return was already received ---------->Contradictory The federal income tax return is ineligible for NETFILE. Please verify, under the Tax Return tab, whether the federal return is required for filing and, if so, rectify accordingly: The error and warning messages at the bottom of the page
  14. Thanks, Curmudgeon. I found 13000 and also corrected $0.93 put in line 26* instead of line 26.
  15. Thanks for your prompt response and clarifying the NETFILE workflow/goals. I took a look at past submissions in my uFile history for the same individuals and the questions we are denoting as being problematic/preventing submission weren't even answered for prior returns (left blank)! Go figure! We await good news
  16. Hi @MacReady, I'm not sure I understand what you stated above. The goal is to NETFILE so the return can be processed expeditiously without hesitation. Even though you are combining the two people in 1 UFile file, it is still 2 separate NETFILE uploads to CRA. You could answer 'YES' to the NIL questions, but that would be incorrect and I'm sure the application would detect that a non-zero value was provided for Taxable Income or Provincial Taxable Income. As the originator of this thread, I submitted a support request to UFile on MON APR 19 @13:05 Pacific and 27hrs later, I still have not
  17. I have a negative amount in box 118 on my T5013 slip. Ufile says this box must be 0.00 or greater. Does anyone know what I am supposed to do about this?
  18. CCA schedule 8 is giving incorrect results for Class 8 & class 50. It should be Calculating 20% and 55% , but its is not calculating like that. Calculation is done based on 18% or 50%. Which is incorrect. Please check amounts in schedule 8 below and let me know if software is doing correct or not. More information is needed let me know. See image snapshot below.
  19. Sent a request to have a refund on the Windows installation that I bought. Sent email last April 10 still waiting for reply, tried calling support and waited for so long but no luck. Is there another way that I can get in touch of anyone regarding the status of my refund.
  20. RRIF withdrawals are subject to tax and the financial institution will have sent you a T4RIF tax slip. It will have the amount of the withdrawal in Box 16 and if any income tax was withheld, it would be in Box 28. There are no Cap Gains taxes on RRIF withdrawals.
  21. AltaRed


    If you nave not sold anything, you should not have received ANY T5008 from the financial institution and there is nothing to fill out on the tax return. For the record, you can file a T1A online via CRA MyAccount for any of the past several years. It makes no difference when you file those, e.g. before, or after, filing the 2020 return.
  22. NETFILE is the CRA's online filing system for individuals to file their own tax returns over the Internet. EFILE is the CRA's electronic filing system for professional tax preparers to use to file their clients' returns over the Internet. As an individual, you cannot electronically file.
  23. In 2019 I had an allowable business investment loss (ABIL). I declared all of the available ABIL in 2019, but only part of it was needed to reduce my taxable income to 0. In the 2019 tax return, the form "2019 NON-CAPITAL LOSS CARRYFORWARD SCHEDULE - Federal" shows the part of the ABIL that is available at the end of 2019, which should be carried forward to 2020. When I calculate my 2020 taxes, the unused part of the ABIL does not seem to be carried forward automatically from 2019 to 2020. Do I have to enter the carried-forward ABIL manually into the tax return for 2020? And,
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