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  1. Today
  2. @Nawal Please send me a password reset link as well. I've gone through the form number of times and each time I get "Email has been sent" but I haven't received any emails.
  3. I can not access my account. Have not recieved my reset email. Why is it so difficult. I need to access it asap. I see others are having the same problem. I could not even sign in this forum using my account. I have been with ufile for years. I don't want to change Software but will if I can't have access in a week.
  4. In the Interview Setup, down the left hand side, tick off the box in the Investment Income and Expenses section that says Capital Gains (or losses) and that should bring up the specific entries for each of your T5008 auto fill lines. Find the line entry that is the one in question and change the Acquisition Price to a value that zeroes out the capital gain. I never use auto-fill for my T5008 data. I don't trust it, especially Box 20 Cost Data and for USD investments, it will get it wrong all the time. The forex used on date of acquisition of the security cannot possibly be the same as th
  5. I tried to login several times in the past two hours and attempted few password reset. Although i get password reset link emailed, nothing i received. Is there an issue with password reset?
  6. Go to the Interview tab and look down the list on the left for Interview setup and click on it. On the right look for "Employment and other benefits". Tick the box for "Union or professional dues not on T4 slips". You should be good to go from there.
  7. @Nawal Apologies, I missed the 8 hour window within which the link would have worked. Please resend. Thanks very much.
  8. @Nawal - Could you please e-mail me the password reset link?
  9. I lost a receipt for the $200. Donation I made to Heart and Stroke in March,2020. Mary Lupenette in Belleville ( 6139662268) was the canvasser. I need this receipt for income tax purposes.Thank you. Joy Wooltorton 6136728777
  10. @Nawal - Could you please e-mail me the password reset link as well?
  11. I am having the same issue with password reset. @Nawal - could you please e-mail me the password reset link? Thank you!
  12. I have a receipt for Union Dues, that is not on a T4 Slip, in Box 44. I need to enter this information so that it will get reported on line 21200 of the tax return. Where do I enter this in the Ufile Interview process so that it will be reported on line 21200 of my Tax Return? I have checked the on-line help which refers to reporting of Union Dues from a receipt, but does not tell me where to enter the information.
  13. I can't login my ID for 2020 tax return I am pretty sure, my password is right but I cant login for security problem. and I didn't receive reset my password e-mail.
  14. Hi AnotherUfileUser. Not sure if this will help. I added in bold type and underline. You may not have gone back far enough to the setup area. I am using Windows Ufile and I can see the Home buyer's amount clearly. Edited from Nawal's post. 1- On the "Left side menu on the Interview tab", Go to Interview setup, then select "Other deductions and credits". 2- On the page appearing on the right, scroll to the group "Other credits" and click on the plus sign "+" icon located on the right of the line " Home buyers' amount for the purchase of a qualifying home (Federal, Quebec)".
  15. Yes, I had done the exact same steps explained in the video. I assumed it's a calculation error but it's not. I could see the right numbers are calculated. Thank you!
  16. Same problem for me. Tried twice for password reset from login page but NO email received yet. So any chance to get a forgot password link that really works? PS: why not just post the correct link by admin?
  17. Yesterday
  18. Hi Jeheke. This is from an earlier post by Nawal. please follow these steps for Digital news subscription expenses: 1. In the “Left menu of the Interview tab”, select “Interview setup”; 2. On the right page, go to the "Other topics" group, select "Other deductions and credits (including school supplies and home buyer's amount)" 3. On the page displayed on the right, under "Other credits", click on the (+) sign for the line "Federal line 31350 - Digital news subscription expenses"
  19. The password reset not working for me as well. The "email has been sent" is displayed but i'm not getting any. And of course phone support is closed until Monday. Any chance UFile can fix that?
  20. Same problem.... and no email received from ufile with the reset password information... very frustrating
  21. thank you so much The TaxSmith...that did the trick.
  22. CRA had approved a digital subscription tax credit for 2020. I cannot locate where to input it on my Ufile pro software.
  23. Same issue with the password reset not working. Any chance I can get a forgot password link sent? Very frustrating. Very poor user experience.
  24. usr: iconnor@rogers.com / will need a reset
  25. Thank you @Nawal for your response to @Grace V 's question but I am running the Windows version of UFile 2020 (version 24.12 Ser/: 178288) and my version is very different from Nawal's picture. There is no reference to Line 31270 Home Buyer's Amount. There is no separate box for "Other Credits" distinct from "Other Deductions" as in Nawal's image. I am filing in Alberta although that should not make a difference since the Home Buyer's Credit is a federal credit. Thank you for any insight you can offer.
  26. Same issue here as well. I registered so long ago that I don't remember my challenge phrase and I am not sure the Postal code was updated after my last move.
  27. I don't have a T4A. Nor do I have any business activities. what happened is, I got this error when I don't have any T2125 business activities. I tried several different ways create a dummy business and tried different combination of dates ticked first year operation for the dummy business and used 10 months for fiscical year create an business and delete the business create two business and deleted two business to ensure system doesn't have self employment portion No matter what I try, the error is STILL THERE. There is no error during the inte
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