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  1. Okay - thank you again - thorough response, but, again, not applicable to my situation. I am sorry for the back and forth - frustrating for all of us (you and me) I am sure. Please let me clarify once again: My T4A form only has an amount in box 028 -- NOT 048 I was confused and mistakenly entered it on 048 After I realized this mistake when getting the error message at the results section I went back and changed it from the 048 box to the 028 box as it should be (again, it is listed as 028 on my form). When I completed the interview and went to Results the second time, it still showed m
  2. Thank you for your response. Yes, I did what you said above and corrected my original entry. The problem is that even with the corrections, when I exit the interview and go to the results, it is still telling me the error message above - even though I do not have any amount in the T4A box 048. Somehow ufile thinks I have information on those lines when I have already deleted them. How can I delete that information? -- As I mentioned in my original post, I have even deleted all T4As and reentered them and I am still receiving the same error message. Any help you can give would be amazing!
  3. I receive the error message below: The amount in T4A box 048 must also be reported as T2125 business income. I had entered some information mistakenly (it should not have been entered as 048 but instead 028)- I went back and deleted the T4A forms and reentered the information correctly. But it is still giving me the information above. Is there another way to delete that information? Thanks for any help out there!
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