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  1. Hello, I am a resident of Quebec and work in Ontario. - I receive a T4 that includes all of my income, deductions, etc. - I receive an RL-1 that includes taxable earnings (employer paid health premiums, membership re-imbursements) and also includes additional voluntary QC taxes that I have withheld from my pay. I am trying to NETFILE but I receive the following error message on my Federal return: "You cannot currently NETFILE your federal return. The total of your PPIP insurable earnings exceeds $2,000 and you have no PPIP premiums (T4 box 55)." I have NETFILED the same situation in the past using UFILE software without errors. In previous years, a workaround was to enter $0.00 in box 55 and it would then allow NETFILE to be submitted. I tried that "trick" this year but still receive the error message that my return can't be NETFILED. Would you be able to help? I was searching the forums and came across the same issue but there was no posted solution: http://community.ufile.ca/index.php?/topic/185-i-got-not-eligibled-to-file-your-federal-return-using-net-file/ Thanks!
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