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  1. There was an older discussion about this in the e-file thread but I thought it should be given more attention. I feel this is a significant drawback to the software for professionals with a small client base that can not justify the cost of DT Max. Many clients to do register for "my account" and sending the forms by mail is slow. Any chance yet of this feature being added?
  2. pbyrond


    Has there been any progress on the suggestion to permit electronic filing of T1013's? It's a critical feature that is missing for small practitioners!
  3. I had the same thing...
  4. pbyrond


    I would also like to vote for the ability to E-file the T1013 in Ufile Pro. I don't do enough returns to justify the high end program And most clients do not bother to sign up for "My Account" so asking them to appoint me that way is really no good. I am looking for a different solution...
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