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  1. See the thread here that I posted in. I had the exact same issue and tried a variety of things. Then I suspected it might be synchronization within my Cloud account, specifically Dropbox in my case. I pause Dropbox from syncing while I am in Ufile and it saves perfectly. If you use another cloud service such as One Drive, etc, you may be having the same issue. Pause synchronization and see if you can Save.
  2. Hats off to TheTaxSmith as well for volunteering his/her expertise here.
  3. UFile Maxback contains some flaws that have been exposed in the past, and reported by some individuals, but apparently they have has not been fixed. It is supposed to iterate for maximum benefit (least combined tax for a couple) but something is busted internally. The issue may be related to the lower income spouse losing more in tax credits, such as age amount (for seniors) or medical deduction threshold, than the higher income spouse benefits in lower income tax paid. I don't know where the bust is and UFile needs to work on it. My best suggestion is to run the results two ways: 1) let
  4. I agree with TheTaxSmith on this. Acquisitions and dispositions of securities are converted to CAD at the BoC rate in effect on the day the transaction occurred (actually day of settlement, i.e. T+2) but CRA will accept transaction date if one is consistent year to year. They are NOT based on the annual average forex rate, i.e. 1.3415. The annual average forex rate IS used for 'recurring income', i.e. distributions and dividends received and tax withheld. The simplest way to think of this is that anything that goes on Schedule 3 (T5008 data) is based on forex in effect on day of transact
  5. I have finally solved the mystery, at least for me. It was my synchronizing software, specifically Dropbox, that caused this message. When I paused Dropbox synchronization, UFile saved without this error message. This 'error message' may also apply to other synchronizing software such as One Drive or Google Drive. Try pausing and see if that works.
  6. In surfing various threads, I found this thread from a few years ago. The culprit appears to be Windows Defender. I will try that solution the next time I am into Ufile. Tried this. Both by allowing the app in Protected Folder Access and by turning Protected Folder Access off. Neither approach worked. I do think the issue has to do with Windows Security and/or Windows Defender though. A vendor IT rep needs to show up and respond to these issues.
  7. Most of the time I still get this message despite no other non-system app being open. Occasionally I do not but rarely. That all said, I have been inputting data and it seems like Auto Save is working because the data is still there when I open that File again. I guess the bigger question is whether this thing will calculate and save the actual tax return when it is time to Netfile. I would have thought there would have been some response from the vendor by now to this topic. Clearly something is amiss here and the conflict has to be a Win10 system executable of sorts.
  8. Ufile 2020 installed fine and it brought forward a .u19 file for conversion to .u20. However, every time I try to Save the .u20 file after entering data, I get a dialog box that says: Failed to Save The tax file you are trying to save is locked by another application What is going on given there is no other application that can possibly be accessing and using this file extension?
  9. Examination fees required to obtain/keep professional licenses should be reported on Schedule 11, in essence a tuition tax credit. Such fees must be at least $100 do be covered.
  10. Amount in Box 28 of T4A slip is entered using Autofill.  However, netfile 
    error message indicating return cannot be netfiled as amount not entered.

    1. AltaRed


      I am not familiar with this issue. Perhaps delete the Autofill data from this T4A and manually input all the data from the T4A slip. It should translate over to Line 130 when you Review your return.

      I have found in the past that Autofill can be problematic and do not use Autofill any more, especially on Box numbers that are not automatically part of the T4A.  It's a shame but Autofill does not seem ready for prime time.

  11. If you can Netfile his 2018 tax return, then just do it. Did it for my mother 3 years ago for her 2014 tax return (died in April 2015). CRA does not care for a tax year in which the person was alive for the full year. The bigger complication is if a Balance is due. Either the executor pays it out of one's own pocket and gets reimbursed later from the Estate, or try to get the Estate bank account to pay Balance owing (the former is much easier). If there is a refund, then when it comes in, just have the cheque deposited to the Estate back account.
  12. Uflle fills in the T2209 (and appropriate provincial form) automatically from data you previously entered from T3 or T5 tax slips. When you went through the Interview Setup, you would have selected T3 and/or T5 forms to fill out for each tax slip you received. On a T3 tax slip, there is box 25 for Foreign non-business income, and a box 34 for foreign taxes paid. If you fill out the T3 form correctly, Ufile automatically carries this information over to T2209. Similarly for T5 tax slip, the corresponding boxes are 15 and 16 respectively. Again Ufile carries this over to the T2209, etc.
  13. CAUTION: It depends on what question Peter H is asking. Antoine's answer is only applicable to knowing whether the $100k CAD equivalent was in place at any time during the year to see if the T1135 is even necessary to file. The 'year end cost value' could be the same (if no US securities were sold) or it could be less if a security was sold.
  14. I've seen this $1 or $4 or whatever for years...... Simply ignore it. The after tax value is less than $1 and thus useless.
  15. Tax software does it this way so that it saves time doing both returns....and both can be saved as one file. I wouldn't do it any other way than to do 'family' returns. Why would you want to keep 2 completely different files? There are benefits to keeping one file. The software optimizes benefits that could go to one spouse or the other. Example: Assigning all medical expenses to the lowest taxed spouse, assigning all donations to the higher taxed spouse, and for seniors, pension income splitting. That is what UFile's MaxBack analyzer is for. It iterates for the best combined solution.
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