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  1. Thankyou very much Nawal that is what I was looking for. I also found this new item: after selecting Employment expenses; I selected: T777 Eligible employment expenses for an employee earning a salary . There is a new line entry: Have you teleworked due the Covid-19 crisis. By selecting Yes, a new line should open to ask for more information. I guess a new UFile update will include this new information.
  2. Hi, How do I get to line 22900? (Windows Ufile 2020)
  3. Hi Antoine, Finally after trials and errors I was able to find out how to find line 303 and 304 (Once schedule 5 is populated). You have to select the Medical/Disability question. Thanks, Marris,
  4. Hi Antoine, Even with the new update, I am still looking on how to enter the Canada caregiver amount (new since 2017) to a spouse that needs support at home. The amount would be on line 303 or 304 from Schedule 5. Thanks for your help. Marris,
  5. How to enter the amount for my Caregiver support to my spouse on Schedule 5 for line 303 or 304? I tried different venues without success. Schedule 5 is not being populated. Windows 10, UFile for Windows. Thanks,
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