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  1. This is how I solved the solution. I have Windows 7 Pro Run C:\Program Files (x86)\Ufile2015/ubxupdater.exe This will allow update. The solution that solved it was to run Windows in Compatibility mode and it works. Go Search Start or Windows Key and enter compatibility (Control panel) Run programs for previous Windows Click Next and then select the program., Ufile2015 Re bootski you machine and your OK, Save works, Save As and Forward or search for other files
  2. T4 Box 50 RPP/DPSP Registration number, do you where to enter this? Thanks
  3. I tried this as you mentioned In the T4A page locate Other information (Box 028+).XX Click the triangle to see the list of choices. Select 107 Payments from wage-loss replacement plan. I only see 2 Options: [119] Premium paid to group term a life insurance plan [113] Variable pension benefits If I click + I get a new line that says Other Information click triangle…… Why don’t I see “Selection 107: Wage loss replacement” only the 2 that I mentioned Could it be entered in another location?
  4. I got it to work by running Windows 7 in Compatibity Mode Go to Search in Windows bottom left side Windows icon Type in troubleshooter You’ll see Find and Fix Problems Programs Run programs made for previous versions of Windows Program Compatibilty- NEXT Scroll down and select Ufile 2015 Try Recommended settings first if it doesn’t work try the line after to Troubleshoot programs Start Ufile and run an Update, you should be OK, then now open Now try Carry Forward or Open an existing after the update is done. You might have to run this again the next time you run the programs but it
  5. I have the exact same error, when I try to browser to a previous version the browseoption doesn't search for a file. I have Ufle 2015 Windows I have re installed and did and update by running ubxupdater.exe to Ufile 2015 V 1911.
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