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  1. @Steven Smith I used @Nawal's post in the thread below to bring up the form. However, after completing the form T777S and T2222S (Declaration), I still don't see any value entered or transferred into the final form T777S in the Tax Return section, i.e. claim for working from home due to COVID-19 not working in UFile 2020.
  2. Lucky you getting a reply from UFile Support. I sent 2 inquiries related to the auto filling service but have never heard anything from them. The season has just started but the software has been showing many bugs in addition to the poor customer support. I have used UFile for more than 10 years and the support was quite good in the past years.
  3. 1) Would it be possible for UFile to make an announcement on the release of a new version somewhere that is easily seen by users? 2) Or even better putting a more descriptive message at the CRA auto-filled error rather than an "Oops something has gone wrong." 3) Also please have some body or a even a bot with a canned message to inform the user something is going on when a user sent a support request via UFile 2020 form.
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