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  1. What is your current operating system?? I am not talking about updating your windows to a newer version, I am talking about installing the latest service packs and fixes. I had a Windows 10 laptop that I installed Ufile 15 on and everything works perfectly. So that tells me that it is either a Windows 7 issue or I have a system setting that is blocking something on ufile. Most likely a compatibility issue with ufile15 and Win7 as my ufile14 works just fine. I am waiting for support to call me back as they stated that they want to help me through the issue on my Win7 laptop
  2. Initial install of 2015 gave the following issues: - program would not connect to internet to get updates - program would not connect to Windows Explorer through browse button to carry forward files from 2014 Logged a request with support and they sent me updated version. I have re-installed new version of ufile2015. I still cannot connect to the internet to get updates. (Hit blue button and nothing happens) I still cannot browse for carryforward files. (Hit Browse and nothing happens) However files do appear in the location box and I can enter the path and the 2014 file will carry f
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