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  1. As an update, I called CRA this morning. They said form T1043 didn't apply to this situation. Instead they said the RRSP transfer amount from LIF needs to end up on Line 24640 in Schedule 7 Part C. To do this in Ufile, Under Box 16 in the T4RIF I chose "-portion of Box 16 transferred to a RRSP" Thanks
  2. Yes it works. I guess it doesn't matter which is chosen. Ufile deposits it and the description on Line 23200. Thank you for your help.
  3. Thank you for the feedback. When I add "Other Deductions and Credits", there is not an obvious line to enter this on. There's 3. Which one should I enter this in?
  4. Hi In 2020, I converted a LIRA to LIF and used the Ontario unlocking rule to transfer 50% to my RRSP. This unlocking is to be tax neutral and I received 2 tax slips for this:i) T4RIF which I entered under income and ii) an RRSP contribution receipt. I see no place in Ufile to enter the RRSP receipt without Ufile automatically making it an unclaimed amount for 2020 since it puts me beyond my 2020 contribution room. I think ultimately this RRSP transfer amount is to end up on schedule 7 Line14 but I see no way to do this. Any help would be appreciated.
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