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  1. started working for me once I updated to 24.11 ... this may be a "post hoc ergo propter hoc", as I still believe it was more a CRA than a UFile issue but most likely an interaction thing. Good luck, don't know what you could do but try again, possibly engage UFile tech support (a hopeless task)
  2. somebody fixed something ... it works ... and as we used to say: Software EVENTUALLY WORKS, Hardware EVENTUALLYFAILS ... see you at the next bug!
  3. CRA code forces IE no matter your settings as it is part of Windows, so that's not what's wrong. Wondering if it is CRA as the handshake with UFile seems to work fine, I get pretty far, confirming SIN and then it gets stuck ... maybe UFile doesn't wait long enough and decides to time out???
  4. Thank you DENK, I guess we'll wait and see what the new version does.
  5. Likely a design decision by CRA - them's who launch the browser and they hardcoded it saying it comes with Windows (all the others you must download and install). The more I think of it, the more I believe it is a CRA issue ... but why didn't UFile test and raise alarm? Also possible that CRA doesn't yet have the auto-fill 2020 active for Feb 20, as promised ... we all know too well how CRA handles commitments and promises, right? Right! I decided to wait it out ... try every two or three days ... no hope of CRA replying and slender hope of CRA doing much about it either. M.
  6. But is the autofill successful? In my case UFile starts Chrome, my default browser, I log into CRA account successfully, but autofill fails and UFile gives me an error message and suggests generic help. I tried numerous times and made sure that there are documents within my account at CRA (T4, T5, etc)
  7. Dear wise and gentle folks ... CRA website promised that Feb 22nd 2021 autofill will be activated, usable and working . . . I am getting the Ooopsie message on repeated attempts ... does it work for any of yous? Dou you know if/when it will work? Do you have any suggestions, ideas or proposals to fix this? Thank you for your insights, M.
  8. Hullo Ram, likely you have more than one copy of UFile running simultaneously ... try to see all tasks running (you can use task manager to do so). Shut down all but one of the active UFile copies and try to save again. Good luck!
  9. Hello, 

    After my assessment, CRA calculated additional $$ of net capital loss for 2017. How can I change my UFile return to include the amount that CRA determined I can use this year? (Change line 253 - in UFile I cannot add this amount for 2017).

    Thank you very much for your ASAP reply.


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