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  1. UFile is always concerned about the security of your data. As part of this process, we are introducing a new level of security for passwords. Please follow on-screen instructions to make sure that your new password meets the strong password criteria.
  2. https://www.ufile.ca/products/ufile-windows
  3. Hello Hamid, Unfortunately, the software does not allow you to do an adjustment request. For an adjustment of your T2 return a letter must be mailed to tax center that serves the corporation. In your request, clearly identify the following: 1.the name of the corporation 2.the corporation's business number (BN) 3.the corporation's tax year 4.any details that apply With your letter, include any relevant supporting documents, such as: revised financial statements, revised schedules For more information, please contact CRA corporation tax return depart
  4. Does anyone ever answer a phone there? I am locked out of my account (the password was changed or expired without my knowledge). Cannot get an email response or anyone on the phone .... waited on hold for 3 hours 2 days ago. Now the phone message is simply there are no agents to answer questions.

    Has UFile gone under? Was it hacked? Data breach? What the heck is going on?

  5. Hi guys, is there an API for UFile?

  6. Hello all,
    I have been using UFile for windows for several years and generally used it to enter T4s and T5s. Last year my spouse rented rooms for Univ. students including all the facilities for 4 months while living in the same house situated in Ontario. Same year from Aug. whole house was rented thru a realtor and moved out to a different province renting a house to live. We are only 3 persons in the family and boy is a Univ. student. So for her income reporting, is the 1st one self-employment and 2nd one a rental income or both income to be considered as rental income? House title is on both of our names. She has no any other source of income and can we deduct all the expenses from this rental income including moving expenses and for the new house rental and utilities expenses? Which UFile software version is good to prepare taxes for 2019 year. Appreciate your valuable input.
  7. Premiums paid into a private health insurance plan - Box 135 of the T4A slip and a RL-1 Box J You have received two (2) documents, a T4A slip and a RL-1. On the T4A slip, you have an amount in box 135, whereas on RL-1 you have the same amount in Box J as well as boxes A and 211. You did not receive a RL-2 with an amount in Box 235. The employer or the issuer of the slips has made a mistake, because they are two different plans Box 135 of the T4A indicates that the retired employee paid the premium for a private health insurance plan and the Quebec equivalent is Box 235
  8. The T2125 that I prepare leave this field blank. How do I enter my info as the prepare of the T2125?

  9. Dear Antoine,

    I need your help urgently. I just started to file my client's tax return this year with Ufile Pro 2019. I have some questions:

    1) Few of my clients want to file 2018 return? Should I buy Ufile Pro 2018 to file 2018 return?

    2) If 1) above is yes, where can I buy Ufile Pro 2018 (downloadable version for desktop)

    Thank you,


    1. JuliaD


      Hi Antoine,

      Can you please reply me? I called support line 76 times, no answer!

      Is there any form to request for the buy? You emailed me without any attachment.

      Request ## UB2940155



  10. File rejected. Please help.

    My husbands return went through after I submitted mine which was rejected. no errors/warnings 



    March 30, 2020 12:06 AM
    One or more entries in your financial statement(s) require correction. The data entered is either invalid, or mandatory information is missing. If you are unable to resolve the issues, please contact your Software Developer.
    I went back through my return many times over, still no errors/warnings. logged out/in same message appears.
  11. Ufile will not allow me to electronically file. It gives a message "Your RRSP contribution exceeds your deduction limit by more than 2000.00.

    I only claimed a small amount that was my deduction for 2019 "787.00" and had unused contribution from prior years that I did not claim.

    Why is it locking me out of filing?

  12. Hello Myriam, Quebec resident working outside the province Your question is: I have worked outside of Quebec in the current tax year, but I reside in Quebec. How do I complete my tax return? Please follow the steps below: 1. On the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", select "T4 and employment income", and on the screen, that appears on the right, choose "T4 income earned outside Quebec". 2. Enter the data from the T4 and select the province of employment in box 10. 3. You may have received an RL-1 slip with amounts showing in Boxes A, J and perhaps in Box E. If
  13. Hello Syphix, FTQ - How to enter information from the RL-10 slip - Quebec You may qualify for the tax credit for the purchase of labour-sponsored funds (LSF) shares if, in the current tax year or within the first 60 days of the following tax year, you acquired Class A LSF shares. These shares may also be considered as contributions to your RRSP or to your spouse's RRSP. To enter your contributions, please follow these steps: 1. On the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", select "Other information slips". 2. On the screen appearing on the right, choose "RL-10 - F
  14. Hello lbootland, Rental income To enter information about your rental income, follow the steps below: 1. On the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", select "Interview setup". 2. On the page that appears on the right, go to the "Rental income" group, check the box "Rental property income" also if you paid tax by instalments. Then go to "Tax paid by instalments and tax transfer" group, check the box "Tax paid by instalments and tax transfer" and click "Next" at the bottom of the page. 3. Return to the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", select "Rental Income".
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