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  1. KOL

    REFILE T1135?

    I follow your instructions above up to step 2. However, it's not showing "REfile the T1135 now" under the "T1135 submission" tab. Instead, it's just showing the regular screen (screenshot below). FYI. The federal tax return does turn to "Refile my return now" after I entered the "Federal refile mode". Please assist.
  2. I REFILED 2018 capital gains. I brought forward the 2018 UFILE file to UFILE 2019 before this change, how do I go about changing my 2018 capital gains amount in my 2019 UFILE? In UFILE 2019, it is still showing the incorrect 2018 capital gains amount in the "capital gains history(federal)" when I review the final tax return. Thank you.
  3. KOL

    REFILE T1135?

    Thank you for the prompt reply. I happen to also claim for capital loss carryback from 2019 to 2018 (in my 2019 tax filing). When I refile T1135 for year 2018, should I use the "capital gains" amount (foreign held stocks) AFTER the capital loss being applied or fine to use what was originally filed in my 2018 tax return?
  4. KOL

    REFILE T1135?

    Can I electronically REFILE T1135 for year 2018? If so, what's the process? Thanks.
  5. I know one needs to file T1135 by April 30, 2018 when specified foreign property is over $100k during 2017. However, I am a new immigrant in 2017 and will be exempt from reporting T1135 in my first year. I answered all interview questions accordingly in the software (ie. Yes to owning more $100k and No to filing T1135). When I review the tax return itself, it's showing NO to line 266 "Do you own specified foreign property over $100k during 2017?" which is not true, as I really do. Can you advise how to get it fixed? I know if it shows NO, then CRA won't nag me for filing T1135 (or ev
  6. I am a new resident of Canada in year of 2017. I answered the interview question "Are you filing for the very first time" as yes but I can't enter my date of entry anywhere. When I print out the paper return, the date of entry is blank. Can you help? Thanks!
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