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  1. I want to be able to download COR file (or .tax) from Ufile T2. That is needed for T2 submission on My Account site at CRA. I'm unable to efile from my Ufile T2 account as I require a WAC code, which I'm unable to obtain electronically since the button to do so in Ufile T2 isn't there. And yes, I know I can call the CRA, but I would need to wait another 4 days (long weekend) and they are closed. I would just like to download the COR file and upload through CRA and be done with it. Does anyone know how to download the COR file (or .tax)?
  2. I require a Web Access Code to file my T2 return electronically. 1) Ufile under "Efile" tab 5 says "If you do not have a Federal Web Access Code you may automatically retrieve one by clicking the button GET WAC".... problem... the button isn't there??? 2) CRA indicates to obtain a Web Access Code certain commercial tax preparations software packages have this capability without having to call CRA. Does Ufile have this capability?? As indicated from #1 above, if it does where is is because it is not showing on my T2 online. Anybody else having this issue?
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